Fix Unresponsive iPhone 4 Home Button

**UPDATE: This procedure worked for a while, but the issue eventually returned. I repeated the procedure again and again, each time it would work for a bit and then the issue would return. Last night, I dismantled my iPhone, cleaned the home button contacts and re-assembled it and it’s working again. Hopefully, that will take care of this issue¬†once and for all. I used the guide on to remove the home button:

**UPDATE 2: It’s be over two months and no signs of the issue returning since disassembling my phone and cleaning the contact for the home button. Definitely seems to be the long term fix.

**UPDATE 3: Nearly 5 months after I took my phone apart and cleaned the home button, it was still working as if new. I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and I’ve sold my iPhone 4 to NextWorth. They determined it was in excellent condition FWIW.

I’ve been dealing with an unresponsive iPhone 4 Home Button for some time. Clicking the home button registered roughly one out of every 10 clicks. I had a tough time getting to the home screen or getting the task manager to load. During halftime of last night’s Pats/Jets game (Go Pats!) I decided to see if I could find a fix for it.

As I suspected, most resolutions were about heading to the Apple store for a replacement or taking apart your iPhone and replacing the home button PCB membrane & flex cable – not a quick or easy fix. I had replaced the battery on my original iPhone once, so I was not really keen on attempting to take apart the phone and I opt’d not to purchase AppleCare so I’m out of warranty. However, I stumbled across this YouTube video that had an easy fix.

The gist of it is that there’s a “gunk” build-up around & behind the home button (makes sense – just look at your keyboard). The user recommends using rubbing alcohol to attempt to clean it out and ensure good contact. I gave it a shot as described in the video, and voila! My iPhone 4 now registers every home button click without issue.