Microsoft Service Management Portal User Account Password cannot be reset

We’ve been working with Microsoft for quite some time on their Windows Azure for Windows Server project. Microsoft is bringing Azure technology to their Server platform for hosters to take advantage of. The environment consists of a portal and several providers. The portal uses standard ASP.NET membership for users.

Recently, we had a user who forgot his password. After enabling password reset functionality in the portal, the user received an email containing a link to reset the password, but encountered an error when trying to perform the reset. The following error was logged on the portal server:

Error:MembershipPasswordException: The user account has been locked out.

The aspnet_Membership table in Microsoft.MgmtSvc.PortalConfigStore contains an IsLockedOut field. The value was set to 1 for this user because of the number of incorrect login attempts. Setting it back to 0 allowed the user to update his password:

USE Microsoft.MgmtSvc.PortalConfigStore
UPDATE aspnet_Membership
SET IsLockedOut = 0
WHERE email = ''


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