Resolving 404 error using Web Deploy on IIS

I recently used Web Platform Installer to install Web Deploy 3 on IIS 8 so I could remotely develop a PHP site in WebMatrix. After installing and setting up a publishing profile in WebMatrix, a quick test showed a 404 returned by IIS error when attempting to connect with Web Deploy. I confirmed that the IIS Web Management Service (WMSvc) was started and configured properly. I also confirm proper IIS Manager permissions for the user I was using to connect with Web Deploy. WMSvc tracing showed IIS was returning a 404 error code when attempting to access https://servername:8172/MsDeploy.axd – the Web Deploy handler in IIS. After much troubleshooting, I stumbled across a stackoverflow post that described the fix. Even though I had installed Web Deploy via the Web Platform Installer, it appears it didn’t actual install the Web Deploy Handler. To resolve this, I manually ran the MSI installer for Web Deploy and selected the appropriate components. After a restart of WMSvc, I was able to successfully connect to IIS from WebMatrix via Web Deploy.

The Web Deploy Windows Installer can be downloaded here:

9 thoughts on “Resolving 404 error using Web Deploy on IIS

  1. You’re a legend, this helped me find the root cause of my issue also – thanks heaps!

    I just went to control panel, found web deploy, changed the install and opted to fully install the handler – god knows why it misses this off on the initial install! There’s logic somewhere i’m sure.

  2. THANK YOU!!!

    I was ripping my hair out wasting hours on steps out there that did not work! Even MS’ own website sux in finding a resolution. YOUR information is the only that worked! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank You, that worked!! The strange thing is the Web Platform Installer installed Web Deploy 3.5 which would not work. This was version 2.0 which fixed the problem. I almost didn’t install when I saw the version differences but after fighting this half the day yesterday I decided, why not?! Glad I tried it. Don’t know why but it worked.

  4. Thank You Jeff,

    Hours and Hours trying to work this issue out, this article saved the day, can believe it was this simple.

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