Compare Two Directories with Powershell

We use DFS to keep webfarm nodes’ content in sync and ran across a problem where a directory with thousands of files and folders had one missing file on a replica. Here’s a quick script we used to find out what files were missing:

$dir1 = “\\server1\c$\folder1”
$dir2 = “\\server2\c$\folder1”
$d1 = get-childitem -path $dir1 -recurse
$d2 = get-childitem -path $dir2 -recurse
$results = @(compare-object $d1 $d2)

foreach($result in $results)


Directory: \\server1\c$\folder1\subfolder

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name
—- ————- —— —-
-a— 2/16/2012 4:08 PM 162 ~$README.txt

This will output all of the files and directories that exist in only one location.